Silverstripe 3 Grid Field Config Options

The grid field system in Silverstripe 3 has a number of preset config options – here’s what they do, and what they look like:

No Config

If we don’t add any config options, the grid field just displays a list of items…  We can’t view the record details, or edit anything though…


$gridfield = new GridField(“RegisterEvents”, “RegisterEvent”, $this->RegisterEvents());
$fields->addFieldToTab(‘Root.Events’, $gridfield);



This option just adds in the ability to click the magnifying glass and view the details of each item – but not edit anything.




Now we’re starting to get something useful – a list that lets us Add, View, and Remove records…



The final option is the Relation Edition set up. This adds features to work with ‘has-many’ and ‘many-many’ relationships.

See our article about Many_Many relations for more details

Custom Config

Or, you can just create an empty configuration, and add the bits you need….


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