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Silverstripe 3 Many Many – A Comprehensive Example

I see that the website hosting this resource has disappeared, so I’ll try to save this article, as it might come in handy. The images are gone, so I’m only able to save low quality versions. How to create set up a many_many relation using the SS3 gridfield In this article we’re going to a […]

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SilverStripe 3.0 – Batch Translate

As a common request around the web is to translate the entire Site Tree. Following the post on: Which was made for SS 2.3.2, I’ve adopted the code to work with SilverStripe 3.0 (Tested on 3.0.5). It gives you the ability to select entire site tree, or just parts of it, and translate it […]

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Some customization of SilverStripe 3.0

I just started with SilverStripe, and here are a few things I stumbled upon while testing the possibilities of this Framework/CMS, hope it will be helpful to someone. First, some things you can do right in your mysite/_config.php. You can remove most of the admin menu links by using: CMSMenu::remove_menu_item(‘ReportAdmin’); // Reports link for example […]

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Use Zend Framework 2 from sub folder

I just started testing the Zend Framework 2, and I wanted to give it a quick look around with the Skeleton Application. I didn’t want to add virtual hosts to my local Apache, as I have more important stuff I’m working on, so I just wanted to make a folder for it and run the […]

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Integrate CKFinder with TinyMCE

I know TinyMCE isn’t very popular lately, since it’s not free any more, but I was asked by a client to fix the file uploading with TinyMCE in their CMS. It uses the last free version of TinyMCE – 1.41, and used to have TinyBrowser integrated for file browsing. As the TinyBrowser¬†stopped¬†working and support is […]

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Hello world!

Hi. Well, I always wanted to start a blog, but when I had the time to write one, I had nothing to write about, and when I had something to write, I was mainly figuring out some hard stuff for my projects, so I had no time to write about it. Now, I’ve decided to […]

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