Some customization of SilverStripe 3.0

I just started with SilverStripe, and here are a few things I stumbled upon while testing the possibilities of this Framework/CMS, hope it will be helpful to someone.
First, some things you can do right in your mysite/_config.php. You can remove most of the admin menu links by using:
CMSMenu::remove_menu_item(‘ReportAdmin’); // Reports link for example
Also, you can define the Admin page title, not to display SilverStripe with:

There are two ways to remove the index.php/ part from the url, but before you do that make sure your mod_rewrite is working. First way is to edit the first line of code in index.php so it says:

define('BASE_SCRIPT_URL',''); // Originally : define('BASE_SCRIPT_URL','index.php/');

The other way is to just completely delete index.php

And for those that don’t like the “Help” link in the admin menu, you have to go a bit deeper and edit /framework/admin/code/LeftAndMain.php.

As it says at line 173:

// can’t be done in cms/_config.php as locale is not set yet

So, you can just comment out the following lines:

_t('LeftAndMain.HELP', 'Help', 'Menu title'),

Happy coding!