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Install Tidy on Ubuntu

Not something big or important, but I just tried several ways to get tidy library on my Ubuntu box, and none other then this worked. Might save some searching to others. sudo apt-get install php5-tidy Tidy is recommended for running SilverStripe (not required). php5 comes with Tidy library preinstalled but it has to be compiled¬†–with-tidy […]

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Silverstripe 3 Grid Field Config Options

The grid field system in Silverstripe 3 has a number of preset config options – here’s what they do, and what they look like: No Config If we don’t add any config options, the grid field just displays a list of items… ¬†We can’t view the record details, or edit anything though…

$gridfield = […]

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Extending SilverStripe 3 Site Settings

When you first install your SilverStripe site, the ‘Settings’ menu is pretty limited, offering just Title, Tagline, and a choice of templates. This is fine, but it’s often useful to add other options, such as logo upload, links to facebook, uploading a banner image that appears on every page. MySiteConfig.php In your ‘mysite/code/’ folder, create […]

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