My name is Ivan. I am an engineer of computer science, with wide range of other skills. My specialty is website development using all kinds of technologies. Here I’ll try to gather and show some of the work that I’ve done.

Over the years, I’ve made websites using various technologies, including PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, MSSQL, ActionScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, … Some of them I design myself, experimenting with Photoshop, 3D modeling and other applications that can be involved in the design process, and some are designed by others, which I then turn into live and usable web applications.

I also created some desktop applications for my clients, or connected their existing applications with their websites so they can be flawlessly updated straight from their computers. As IT technician I work on complete SCADA Systems, from implementation and testing, to updates and maintenance, as well as measurement technology, uninterrupted power supply systems, process control.

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