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Posting links to Facebook from PHP – not from localhost

While working on an update for one of my SilverStripe modules, I came upon a problem which held me back for some time, changing configurations and doing all kinds of tests. The thing is – Facebook engine verifies the link you’re trying to post, so the post from localhost fails with “Unknown error”. You need […]

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One Div – Pure CSS3 icons

I ran into this website for the first time today and I liked the project. The aim of One div is to create a library of single element logos/icons. All the icons presented there are realized in pure css with only one html <div> element. This is great as alternative for svg/images, as all the […]

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Transmit audio over TeamViewer

Update: With new version of TeamViewer (8.0) audio is transmited by enabling “Computer sounds” from Audio/Video menu. If you need advanced options you can check other options in Audio/Video menu. With new TeamViewer V 7.0 we’ve got the possibility to transfer audio from, or to, remote PC. The sound quality is not best (depends on […]

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COM port occupied by unknown application

I’m working on an application that uses COM port for communication with external controller. When I reboot the PC with communication cable connected, Windows opens the port, without any application running, so I can’t access it any more. I was banging my head, searching and asking around for an answer, but, until recently, I couldn’t […]

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Ustupamo svoj medijski prostor

Inicijativa Ivana Ćosića, za ustupanje blogerskog medijskog prostora u društveno odgovorne svrhe. Stop trgovini decom Kampanja organizacije Astra — Anti Trafficking Action httpv:// maliVEliki ljudi Kampanja organizacije maliVEliki ljudi httpv:// Bolje da znaš Kampanja projekta Podrška u borbi protiv HIV/AIDS-a httpv:// Ujedinjeni protiv droge Kampanja Ujedinjeni protiv droge httpv:// Osobe u razvoju Kampanja organizacije Dečje […]

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Conference Republic

Conference Republic web site is online. It’s the first web site running completely on my Complete MeSs system. The web site design was done by CMYK You. It’s running on PHP/MySQL base, with jQuery as the JavaScript framework of choice. You can visit the website at this link.

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Go back to Yahoo! Mail classic

Since the Yahoo! Mail switched to the all new beta, I’m having trouble with Reply and Compose buttons not working. It only happens when I’m on my job, behind a proxy server, but still bugs me that I’m not able to send any email. For some time now, there is no option to switch back […]

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Hello world!

Hi. Well, I always wanted to start a blog, but when I had the time to write one, I had nothing to write about, and when I had something to write, I was mainly figuring out some hard stuff for my projects, so I had no time to write about it. Now, I’ve decided to […]

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