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Silverstripe 3.0 Grid Fields with Thumbnails

Silverstripe 3 has been out for a few months now, and most the big bugs have been fixed… This tutorial describes the code required to set up a grid feild to manage ‘Has Many’ relations. Eg – a staff page that lists many staff members. Also, we’ll add in some code that will make the […]

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Silverstripe 3 Grid Field Config Options

The grid field system in Silverstripe 3 has a number of preset config options – here’s what they do, and what they look like: No Config If we don’t add any config options, the grid field just displays a list of items… ¬†We can’t view the record details, or edit anything though…

$gridfield = […]

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Map Module

One of the HotelCMS modules is the map module, enabling hotels to showcase nearby places of interest. All the places are displayed on the map, with distance from hotel shown, using custom icon set and customized info window. Both front and back end use the latest Google Maps API – V3. You can check out […]

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Extending SilverStripe 3 Site Settings

When you first install your SilverStripe site, the ‘Settings’ menu is pretty limited, offering just Title, Tagline, and a choice of templates. This is fine, but it’s often useful to add other options, such as logo upload, links to facebook, uploading a banner image that appears on every page. MySiteConfig.php In your ‘mysite/code/’ folder, create […]

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Silverstripe 3 Many Many – A Comprehensive Example

I see that the website hosting this resource has disappeared, so I’ll try to save this article, as it might come in handy. The images are gone, so I’m only able to save low quality versions. How to create set up a many_many relation using the SS3 gridfield In this article we’re going to a […]

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Some customization of SilverStripe 3.0

I just started with SilverStripe, and here are a few things I stumbled upon while testing the possibilities of this Framework/CMS, hope it will be helpful to someone. First, some things you can do right in your mysite/_config.php. You can remove most of the admin menu links by using: CMSMenu::remove_menu_item(‘ReportAdmin’); // Reports link for example […]

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Conference Republic

Conference Republic web site is online. It’s the first web site running completely on my Complete MeSs system. The web site design was done by CMYK You. It’s running on PHP/MySQL base, with jQuery as the JavaScript framework of choice. You can visit the website at this link.

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Complete MeSs

Complete mess is the name I’ve decided to give to my CMS system. Unlike the name says, it’s really quite intuitive and straight forward to work with. It’s built using PHP/MySql with jQuery for enhanced user experience and speed. As it is still in development faze, I’ll only put a couple of screenshots here. It […]

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