Complete MeSs

Complete mess is the name I’ve decided to give to my CMS system. Unlike the name says, it’s really quite intuitive and straight forward to work with. It’s built using PHP/MySql with jQuery for enhanced user experience and speed.

As it is still in development faze, I’ll only put a couple of screenshots here. It will not be publicly released, but used internally for the websites I create.

The thing I aimed for while building it was to make it easily upgradeable, because each web site I work on has specific needs and custom options. I’ve decided on a modular structure, so modules can be added or removed to suit the clients needs.

Other requirements that needed to be fulfilled:

  • Multi-language support (With possibility to easily add/change languages)
  • Reusable standard elements (Content pages, news, galleries)
  • Flexible front end display, so everything can be re-styled fast
  • Inter connectivity between elements

Check out some screenshots, and I’ll be blogging about technologies used soon.