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Posting links to Facebook from PHP – not from localhost

While working on an update for one of my SilverStripe modules, I came upon a problem which held me back for some time, changing configurations and doing all kinds of tests. The thing is – Facebook engine verifies the link you’re trying to post, so the post from localhost fails with “Unknown error”. You need […]

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Silverstripe 3.0 Grid Fields with Thumbnails

Silverstripe 3 has been out for a few months now, and most the big bugs have been fixed… This tutorial describes the code required to set up a grid feild to manage ‘Has Many’ relations. Eg – a staff page that lists many staff members. Also, we’ll add in some code that will make the […]

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Silverstripe 3 – Per user page access tutorial

Most of the times group access in SilverStripe is sufficient for controlling user access, but for this project I had a specific situation where every user needs to have a dedicated page. In order to avoid unnecessary editing and creating groups for each individual user, I decided to extend SiteTree and create a page with […]

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Install Tidy on Ubuntu

Not something big or important, but I just tried several ways to get tidy library on my Ubuntu box, and none other then this worked. Might save some searching to others. sudo apt-get install php5-tidy Tidy is recommended for running SilverStripe (not required). php5 comes with Tidy library preinstalled but it has to be compiled¬†–with-tidy […]

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Silverstripe 3 Grid Field Config Options

The grid field system in Silverstripe 3 has a number of preset config options – here’s what they do, and what they look like: No Config If we don’t add any config options, the grid field just displays a list of items… ¬†We can’t view the record details, or edit anything though…

$gridfield = […]

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Extending SilverStripe 3 Site Settings

When you first install your SilverStripe site, the ‘Settings’ menu is pretty limited, offering just Title, Tagline, and a choice of templates. This is fine, but it’s often useful to add other options, such as logo upload, links to facebook, uploading a banner image that appears on every page. MySiteConfig.php In your ‘mysite/code/’ folder, create […]

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SilverStripe 3.0 – Batch Translate

As a common request around the web is to translate the entire Site Tree. Following the post on: Which was made for SS 2.3.2, I’ve adopted the code to work with SilverStripe 3.0 (Tested on 3.0.5). It gives you the ability to select entire site tree, or just parts of it, and translate it […]

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Some customization of SilverStripe 3.0

I just started with SilverStripe, and here are a few things I stumbled upon while testing the possibilities of this Framework/CMS, hope it will be helpful to someone. First, some things you can do right in your mysite/_config.php. You can remove most of the admin menu links by using: CMSMenu::remove_menu_item(‘ReportAdmin’); // Reports link for example […]

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Use Zend Framework 2 from sub folder

I just started testing the Zend Framework 2, and I wanted to give it a quick look around with the Skeleton Application. I didn’t want to add virtual hosts to my local Apache, as I have more important stuff I’m working on, so I just wanted to make a folder for it and run the […]

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Conference Republic

Conference Republic web site is online. It’s the first web site running completely on my Complete MeSs system. The web site design was done by CMYK You. It’s running on PHP/MySQL base, with jQuery as the JavaScript framework of choice. You can visit the website at this link.

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