Transmit audio over TeamViewer


With new version of TeamViewer (8.0) audio is transmited by enabling “Computer sounds” from Audio/Video menu. If you need advanced options you can check other options in Audio/Video menu.

With new TeamViewer V 7.0 we’ve got the possibility to transfer audio from, or to, remote PC. The sound quality is not best (depends on the connection, but it’s also meant for voice, not high quality audio).

The trick is using the new “Voive over IP” option, that can be found under “Audio/Video” menu in TeamViewer’s toolbar. After activating this option, a new widget will appear in the panel. Under the volume controls there is “Transmit my audio now” control, which will start the audio transmission from the PC it’s activated on.

Simple as that, but, as it’s a new option it hasn’t been discovered by many.